About Us

IMJ Apparel was built on two pillars which are confidence and independence that we are working on each day to showcase in our clothing pieces while remaining appropriate in today trending fashion wear. While we strive to keep all customers fashion perspective into consideration we do try our best to bring new styles to the fashion market.

IMJ Apparel puts love first in the fashion making/choosing of pieces to introduce to the fashion market under our brand. We do discuss all fashion pieces with the producing factories before it's place on the market so that the pieces meet the required standards of our company that are critique on a daily basis by our customers.

Our founder Aubrey Siegfred Colin Douglas and co-founder Shannon Andrea Khan had embarked on making the IMJ clothing brand a distinct brand from the shores of Guyana that can be separated from all other brands. In working to do so the founders are working to paste design pieces together to form unique catalogs of clothing for customers of all ethnicity, height and size. 

With love from Guyana we say wear stylish clothing, WE GOT THIS!!!